The best coloured contact lenses available.

Daily replacement coloured contact lenses come in several colours, choose from Grey, Hazel, Green or Blue. With cheap daily replacements you can have one colour for the day and another colour for the evening.

Dailies are comfortable because they contain up to 69% water with PVA or Netfilcon. Your natural eye colour determines the actual shade that the coloured contact lenses will appear. Light tinted lenses are best for wearers who have naturally light colour eyes.

Freshlook Colors, Colorblends, Frequency and Focus Softcolors available from our extensive range of coloured contact lenses.

Monthly Soft Colours - Monthly soft and lighter coloured contact lenses are available in Evergreen, Royal Blue and Aqua (light blue). These contacts are suitable for lighter eye colours and are designed to be worn for the whole month, or if for occasional use, 30 separate times.

You will need to clean your contact lenses if you take the lens out for occasional wear or handling.

Natural Look Contacts. Dimension lenses are for lighter eye colours, they alter the look of light eye colours giving a very natural look. These coloured contacts have a darker outer pattern that causes your eyes to appear sharper and more focused, with bright clear colours to create size and depth.

These contacts are supplied in 3 distinctive colours Sea Green, Pacific Blue and Caribbean Aqua. Dimensions are designed for up to one month use or up to thirty times for separate use, remember you must always clean your contact lenses after removing them.

Monthly disposable tints are contact lenses which include a iris patterned onto the lens along with undertone colouring.

These contacts as well as being comfortable and easy to handle meet the very highest visual standards and quality. You may wear monthly disposables continuously for thirty days or up to thirty separate times or try focus dailies. Contacts must be cleaned if you take them out and handle them, sore eyes can result if contact lenses are not cleaned.

Monthly disposable coloured contact lenses utilise a continuous area of colour to create an iris pattern. These contacts use a sophisticated design procedure to create a great fitting lens which is both comfortable and provides excellent visual properties.

You may wear these lenses every day for one month or thirty times separately if the contacts are cleaned after handling.

The actual colour shading you notice on your eyes will be different for everybody and is dependent on your individual eye colour.

Opaque is a comfortable colour version of the popular Freshlook contact lenses.

These contact lenses have UV Ultra-Violet radiation protection from the suns rays, just like quality prescription sunglasses. These contacts also have a visibility tint and unique inside-out indicators.

The lenses are soft disposable contacts packaged in a saline solution and made of 42% polymer / Etafilcon and 58% Aqua.

Longer term tints are for lighter coloured eyes, with colours including Brown, Hazel, Violet, Aqua, Green and Blue.

Containing 50% water, with the exact colour tone determined by the colour of the wearer's eyes. These contact lenses are available in a vial bottle pack.

If your currently taking eye medications or any other eye drops, don't wear your coloured contact lenses, unless you have been advised by your doctor, always use a contact lens solution.

Never use saliva (spit) to moisten your lenses, harmful bacteria live on your saliva, don't introduce these harmful bacteria to your eyes.

Tap water should not be used as a substitute for contact lens cleaning solutions.

Never use hairspray or any type of other sprays near your eyes or contact lenses, never hold your contacts near heat such as sunlamps or hairdryers.
Personal hygiene is top priority when handling your coloured lenses, always wash and dry your hands before handling your contacts.

If you experience a reaction to your colored contact lenses, immediately inform your eye specialist, negative reactions include but are not limited to sensitivity to light, coloured circles around lights, blurry vision, eye watering, eye soreness, redness or pain.

Always attend your eye care follow up appointments, eye care specialists use eye after care to check the continued health of your eyes and check your eye prescription is up to date. Even if you have no problems with your eyes or contact lenses, you must never skip appointments.

If your eye specialist sets a schedule or frequency for how many times you should wear your coloured contact lenses, always follow the advice. Over use when advised against by your eye care specialists can lead to serious problems with both normal and color contact lenses.

Unless advised against it, always remove your lenses prior to sleep.

If contacts become damaged, scratched or pitted always remove and replace your contact lenses.