1 Step Cleaning with disin sept and neutraliser tablets

Own brand 1 step contact lens cleaning includes disin sept (bottle number 1) and neutralising tablets and a vented barrel contact lens case.

When contact lens cleaning has finished and the disin sept has been neutralised the liquid changes colour to let you know the solution has been neutralised.

1 Step Contact Lens Cleaning.

Why pay more for a branded 1 step contact lens cleaning system when this own brand system is available at a quarter of the price, it's the cheapest 1 step system and it does the job of cleaning and neutralising your contact lenses just as well.

If you're looking to cut down the cost of your contact lenses then move to an own brand 1 step system.

If you forget to use the neutralising tablets the solution will remind you as it won't change colour giving you that extra safety precaution built in.

Disin sept is preservative free so it won't remain on the lenses and cause your eyes to sting like some 1 step systems, also disin sept contains a very low level of hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient.

Disin sept removes bacteria as well as disinfecting your lenses, left unchecked bacteria growth on your lenses would lead to sore red eyes.

When you purchase this 1 step system you get a 3 months supply with two bottles of disin sept and 90 neutralising tablets as well as a vented barrel contact lens cleaning case.

If you want a bigger discount you can buy a 6 month, 9 month or even a full year's supply of 1 step solution.

1 Step systems are suitable for both hard and soft contact lenses as well as daily and monthly lenses.

For the cheapest contact lens cleaning solutions use this own brand 1 step system, wearing contact lenses need not be expensive.