Disinfect and neutralise your contact lenses with Disin-Sept and Neutra-Sept.

2 Step Cleaning Solution Disin-Sept and Neutra-Sept disinfect and neutralise your contact lenses in two easy steps.

There's no mess with the included barrel lens case.

2 Step Cleaning Solution.

Disin-Sept is preservative free and Neutra-Sept is thimerosal free so it's a much safer way to clean your contact lenses.

The 2 Step Cleaning Solution is made for cleaning, disinfecting and neutralising any soft contact lenses.

Normal, tinted and coloured contact lenses can be cleaned using the 2 Step Cleaning Solution without problems.

You can order as little as 360ml of Disin-Sept and Neutra-Sept or as much as a 6 month supply of contact lens cleaner.

The bottle are numbered, number 1 and number 2, so you can easily see which one to use first, the bottles are also different colours, so there's no confusing which part of the two step process you are on.

With the included contact lens cleaning barrel its so simple to use, don't make contact lens cleaning more of a headache than it needs to be use the simple 2 Step Cleaning Solution.