AMO Complete Used To Be Called Allergan.

AMO Complete is a multi-purpose contact lens cleaning solution with the new easy rub formula.

AMO Complete is supplied with a contact lens holder and the all purpose cleaning solution.

AMO Complete.

AMO Complete used to be called Allergen.

Now you can replace all your neutralisers and disinfectants with just one bottle of AMO Complete.

AMO Completes no rub formula means you don't even have to rub the contact lenses with your fingers to clean them, the solution will clean your lenses of protein deposits, fat deposits, dirt and pollution without the need for rubbing.

Protein and fat deposits (lipid deposits) end up on your contact lenses because it's the body's natural reaction to having a foreign body, a contact lens in your eyes.

Cleaning these deposits from your lenses is important because if you don't the build up of protein marks encourages bacteria to form and the protein marks by themselves will start to rub on your eyes leading to sore, red and itchy eyes.

Each night take your lenses out and put them in the little soaking contact lens case, no need to rub, then in the morning you will have clean contact lenses ready to insert into your eyes.

Don't worry about difficulties inserting your contact lenses with AMO Completes wetting agent, your lenses will stay wet and this makes them much easier to insert into your eyes.

Because the lenses stay wet you won't need a separate saline solution to help wet your lenses.

No sterilising solution is needed with AMO Complete, the AMO solution really is a multipurpose easy to use contact lens cleaning solution.

Use AMO Complete for cleaning all soft contact lenses.

Whilst obviously we don't recommend it at all, people tell us that with AMO Complete when they forget to clean their contact lenses, AMO Complete seems to keep the lenses clean for longer.