AMO Complete Eye Drops.

AMO Complete is a Multi Purpose Solution (MPS) that keeps your contact lenses clean and comfortable all day long.

AMO Complete disinfects your lenses with its Easy Rub formula by removing bacteria and microorganisms that are present on all contact lenses after use.

AMO Complete.

Cleaning your contact lenses with AMO Complete will help protect your eyes from infection by removing protein and deposits such as dirt, fat and lipids from your contact lenses.

AMO Complete contains four different electrolyte chemicals which help promote healthy eyes.

Using an easy rub and rinse formula is recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

Less cytotoxic than other Multi Purpose Solutions with much improved protection against Acanthamoeba whilst reducing microbiological growth.

AMO have a wide range of products, many with similar packaging, but with very different products, always check that your buying what you think your buying, don't get AMO Complete MPS which is cleaner for your lenses mixed up with eye drops which you put in your eyes, always read the labels and ask if in doubt, it's a little concerning that AMO have products called AMO Complete which have a entirely different function.

AMO Complete contains Poloxamer 237, a cleaner which is gentle on your eyes.

With AMO Complete you get a free lens case in the carton, so that's a bit of a saving right there.

There's no need to worry about problems inserting your lenses after cleaning, AMO complete contains compounds that lubricate your lenses making them easy to insert.

You don't need separate bottles of disinfectant and neutralisers and all the other discs and potions that some contact lens cleaners require, AMO Complete is a true MPS, Multi Purpose Cleaner.

The Easy Rub formula helps remove debris such as fats and proteins that build up on your lenses as you wear them, continued build up of this debris will lead to an increased risk of eye infection.