3 and 6 month packs of AMO Oxysept 1 Step.

Make huge savings on AMO Oxysept 1 Step Contact Lens Solution when you purchase 3 or 6 month supplies.

AMO Oxysept 1 Step is very easy to use, if you forget to use neutralising tablets you will actually be reminded by the solution, as AMO Oxysept 1 Step will not change colour if you haven't used neutralising tablets, reminding you that you must add tablets.

AMO Oxysept 1 Step Contact Lens Solution.

Oxysept is preservative free so your eyes won't get red and sore which happens with other makes of contact lens solution containing preservative.

Your eyes will feel fresh all day, and even at the end of the day you will feel like you have a new pair of contacts inserted, because Oxysept contains a lubricant that not only makes your lenses feel more comfortable but also makes your eyes feel fresh.