AMO Oxysept 1 Step solution, ideal size for travelling.

AMO Oxysept 1 Step contact lens cleaning solution, disinfects and neutralises contact lenses, available in a handy travel size so you don't have to take the larger bottles on holiday with you.

Also perfect as a trial size if you haven't tried AMO Oxysept 1 Step before and wonder what all the fuss is about.

AMO Oxysept 1 Step Travel Size.

AMO Oxysept is a 1 step process, so no messing about with several different chemicals and shaking bottles to get your contact lenses clean, AMO Oxysept cleans, disinfects and neutralises all in one.

It's preservative free so don't worry about harmful preservatives that could possible end up on your lenses and in your eyes, no preservatives means no irritation, a comfortable clean contact lens.

With other contact lens cleaners that use a preservative you can often find your eyes feel red or sore, with Oxysept being preservative free, you won't have to suffer this anymore.

The kit contains Oxysept to disinfect your lenses, 6 neutralising tablets to remove the disinfectant rendering your lenses safe and a lens case to clean your lenses in.

The small travel size is a 60ml bottle, you can easily keep this close at hand in a bag whilst you travel, or why not leave the travel size in your desk at work, and so it's there when you need it.

This size bottle is such a good deal that Vision Direct are even saying the price is just for the shipping and handling, and at that low price the cost of the product is so small.

If you forget to use the neutralising tablets the Oxysept solution will actually remind you by itself as Oxysept won't change colour if you haven't used the neutralising tablets.

Oxysept is a lubricating contact lens solution that will leave your eyes feeling fresh all day, leaving them comfortable for much longer thanks to the included lubricant.