Acuvue 2 Colours by Johnson and Johnson for UV filtering, visibility tint and inside out indicators.

Acuvue 2 Colours manufactured by Johnson and Johnson are coloured contact lenses based on the popular Acuvue lenses.

Just like normal Acuvue lenses these coloured versions have a visibility tint so you won't loose your lenses while you are trying to insert them.

Acuvue 2 Colours.

The visibility tint can only be seen while you are handling the lenses, you won't see any colour when you are wearing the lenses and anyone looking at your eyes won't see the visibility tint either.

They will however see the magnificent colour change you have chose, colours available include blue, green, gray and honey, the lenses are called two colour because it is a mix of two colours which make up the lens colour.

Acuvue 2 Colours also incorporate an inside out indicator so you can easily tell if your handling has popped the lenses inside out, you can of course reverse this and try to insert your lenses again.

Acuvue 2 Colours lenses also feature a UV filter which removes Ultra Violet radiation just like sunglasses, the contact lenses are not dark or shaded like sunglasses, but they still remove all the UV radiation which is harmful to your eyes.

If you would like to change your eye colour to blue, green, gray or honey, give Acuvue 2 Colours a go.