Acuvue 2 most prescriptions in stock for next day delivery.

Acuvue 2 are weekly disposable contact lenses, if your prescription allows you can wear these lenses for two weeks instead of one.

Acuvue 2 lenses are in stock now for most prescriptions, only a few prescriptions will have to be ordered, the rest are available for next day delivery.

Acuvue 2.

You can get massive savings on Acuvue 2 lenses if you buy in quantity, you can buy as little as 6 lenses or as much as 48 lenses, and save on the larger orders.

Acuvue 2 is Johnson and Johnsons most comfortable disposable contact lens, with many advanced features to make this truly the only lens you need.

As you would expect Acuvue lenses are filtered from harmful UV radiation, but not only UVA as other lenses filter but both UVA and UVB radiation just like expensive sun glasses, of course unlike sun glasses Acuvue 2 are not tinted in any way, the lenses are clear.

If you have ever lost your lenses or dropped them whilst trying to insert them then you will appreciate the visibility tint which makes your lenses appear coloured, but you can only see the tint whilst the lenses are out of your eyes, once the lenses are inserted, no one, you included can see a tint.

If you have ever struggled wondering which way round you should be fitting your contact lenses then Acuvue 2 can help, the inside out indicator shows you which way round the lenses go, this makes them really easy to insert as you can see straight away if you have them round the right way.

For a great weekly disposable contact lens, or a great two weekly disposable lens if your prescription allows, choose Acuvue 2 and experience hassle free contact lenses.