No more reading glasses with Acuvue Bifocal.

Acuvue Bifocal contact lenses from Johnson and Johnson let you say goodbye to separate reading glasses.

The intelligent lens means with just one contact lens you can read and see near and far, so no more glasses are needed ever.

Acuvue Bifocal.

You can use Acuvue Bifocal lenses for either one or two weeks depending on your eye prescription.

Acuvue lenses also filter out harmful UV radiation from the sun which can damage your cornea.

To help you easily insert your contact lenses into your eyes, Acuvue has a visibility tint which lets you see your lenses more easily whilst you are trying to insert them, don't worry you can't see the tint when your wearing your lenses nor can anyone looking at your eyes see a tint.

Acuvue also has a inside out indicator, which does as it says on the tin, to coin a phrase, it's very easy to turn your lenses inside out if your not careful and obviously you don't want to try inserting your lens inside out or you won't be able to see much, so with the inside out indicator you can easily tell which way round the lenses are, the indicator is normally a small row of letters at the side of the contact lens, that again cannot be seen when you are wearing your lenses, but obviously whilst your handling the lenses you can see the letters are the wrong way round, indicating that the contact lens is indeed inside out.

For many people who have never needed bifocals before it's come about due to getting older, usually when you enter your 40's the lenses in the eyes change shape slightly, enough to cause loss of vision when doing close up or detail work or reading, previously you would be prescribed reading glasses and if you also needed another set of glasses for distance viewing, you would be given two pairs of glasses, with the advent of varifocal glasses, you could get by with just one pair of glasses.

No the next generation of technology provides bifocal contact lenses, so you don't have to wear glasses just because you need bifocals, and your distance viewing is also included in the same contact lens (just as well, or that would be a pain having to take the lenses out for distance viewing).

Simply wear the lenses each day, take them out at night and use the cleaning solution and then in the morning insert your lenses and after one or two weeks of doing this, depending on your prescription, replace the disposable lens with a new pair and continue.

Say goodbye to reading glasses with Acuvue Bifocal contact lenses from Johnson and Johnson.