Still Available Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson.

We still have huge stocks of Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson, you can order Acuvue lenses at bulk discounted prices here.

Whilst other contact lens stores have stopped selling Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson, now that they have been discontinued, we still have massive stocks.

Acuvue, Johnson and Johnson.

You can purchase bulk packs of up to 48 contact lenses at hugely discounted prices.

If you prefer to try a new lens, Johnson and Johnson recommend Acuvue 2, Acuvue Oasys and Acuvue Advance as direct replacements.

Acuvue can be used for one or two weeks depending on what sort of prescription you have been given.

Acuvue contact lenses block UVA and UVB Ultra Violet Radiation, (the dangerous part of the suns rays which can cause damage to your eyes).

With a visibility tint so you can actually find your contact lenses and insert them easily, don't worry the visibility tint cannot be seen by you or anyone else when the lenses are in your eyes.

A inside out indicator also tells you when your contact lenses have turned inside out, so you can pop them round the correct way again.

With visibility and inside out indicators, Acuvue weekly or bi weekly lenses have many features to make contact lens wearing a pleasure.