Air Optix Aqua keeps your lenses wet all day long.

Air Optix Aqua are monthly replacement contact lenses from Ciba Vision that contain the Aqua Moisture system which keeps your lenses wet all day long.

The Aqua Moisture system lubricates your eyelid to help the eyelid move over the lens whilst maintaining water on the lens by minimising moisture loss and providing better wettability ensuring less protein or fat deposits and increased comfort.

Air Optix Aqua.

With a light blue handling tint to ensure your lenses are easy to see and the Aqua Moisture system to keep your lenses from drying out you can be sure of, as Ciba Vision say in their advertising 'a new level of comfort'.

The Aqua Moisture system used in Air Optix Aqua is a 3 step system, first the lens is lubricated with a moisture agent which binds itself with the lens surface allowing your eyelid to easily move over the contact lens, second the water content within the lens and moisture on the lens is maintained preventing dehydration of the lens, third and finally the wettability of the lens is maintained thanks to the contact lenses very smooth surface which resists protein and fat deposits providing very high levels of comfort.

Air Optix Aqua has more wettability than other lenses in the Ciba Vision range with a 30% increase of wettability for Air Optix Aqua over Acuvue Oasis, PureVision and Acuvue Advance.

Air Optix Aqua also has the greatest fat and protein resistance/deposit of any of the Ciba Vision range, greater than Acuvue Advance, Acuvue Oasis and PureVision.

If you find it difficult to insert contact lenses or get sore, red or tired eyes from wearing contact lenses try Air Optix Aqua's Aqua Moisture lenses and see for yourself the improvement.

Air Optix is the range name for Ciba Vision lenses and Aqua Moisture is the wetting system used.

With Air Optix Aqua lenses you can purchase as little as 3 pairs of lenses which will last you for 3 months or as many as 12 pairs of lenses which will last the whole year, for the cheapest lenses get a larger quantity as discounts often apply.