Oxygen for your eyes.

Air Optix formally O2 Optix by Ciba Vision allow your eyes to breath as the lenses are made from a special silicone called hydrogel which lets up to 5 times more oxygen enter your eyes through the lenses than ordinary contact lenses.

When oxygen is blocked from entering your eyes after a period of time your eyes become red and sore or scratchy, that's the effect of oxygen starvation on your eyes, with Air Optix lenses your eyes won't get sore thanks to the revolutionary silicon hydrogel allowing oxygen to enter through the lens.

Air Optix formally 02 Optix.

The silicone makes these lenses very comfortable even though the water content is lower at 33%, generally the more water in the lens the more comfortable the lens, but the more likely it is to be torn or broken on insertion as the lens becomes more delicate with a higher water content, but silicon hydrogel lenses are different and are comfortable even with lower water content.

Air Optix lenses are monthly replacement lenses.

Air permeable lenses like these by Air Optix are the future of contact lenses, if you are delayed from home by an event at work or simply because you are out with friends normally after a while you will notice your eyes becoming tired and sore or even red and itchy, this is due to the continued oxygen starvation of your eyes all day, with Air Optix lenses the remarkable oxygen giving properties of silicon hydrogel will keep the flow of air into your eyes so you can wear your lenses for longer.

When Ciba Vision first introduced the Air Optix it had the name 02 Optix which uses the chemical symbol for oxygen (O2) in it's name to indicate the contact lenses have increased oxygen properties and are in fact oxygen permeable lenses, now these very same lenses are called Air Optix which for everyday explanation is easier to understand.

Increased oxygen to your eyes that will be the Air Optix lens with silicon hydrogel by Ciba Vision.