Contact lens cases for children and big kids.

Animal Shaped Contact Lenses for children and big kids, including piggy, hippo, balloonfish, bear and elephant in blue, green, pink, yellow and purple colours.

Children who don't like to wear contact lenses often need a bit of encouragement with wearing the lenses and especially with the upkeep of the lenses like cleaning and storing the lenses safely.

Animal Shaped Contact Lens Cases.

With these brightly coloured fun contact lens cases in the shape of their favourite animals they will want to have the contact lens case with them just because it's so cute and friendly, and the added bonus is that they are also carrying around their spare contact lenses with them as well.

These contact lens cases are not just fun they are practical too, the lens cases are joined together so you are always carrying a pair of lenses with you, and the lens case will keep your lenses hydrated in a saline solution ready for insertion in your eyes.

If your children are struggling with contact lenses falling out during the day, don't make them suffer with no lenses for the rest of the day get one of these cute animal cases to keep their lenses safe and with them at all time.

Children don't like to be reminded to carry their contact lenses with them each day, but will need no reminding to carry piggy with them to school each day, that's the clever way to get your kids to keep their contact lenses with them all day long.

Because the lenses are water tight you can keep your lenses in a saline solution so they are already wetted and ready for insertion, this makes the lenses much easier for a child to insert on their own.

It's not just children who appreciate these animal shaped contact lens cases, adults like them too, they are brightly coloured and fun and add a bit of interest into the otherwise dull subject of caring for contact lenses.