Soflens 59 with with protein and fat deposit resistance for a clearer more comfortable lens.

Bausch and Lomb, Soflens 59 Comfort lenses formally known as Soflens Comfort Lenses are monthly replacement contact lenses designed to be comfortable and reduce the build up of protein and fatty deposits on the lenses which cause irritations and can cause red itchy eyes.

Of course your contact lens cleaning solution will help remove fat and protein deposits which are secreted from your eyes during the day, but a build up of these deposits on your lenses will make your lenses very uncomfortable to wear and once a build up occurs will not be easily removed by your cleaning solutions.

Soflens 59 Comfort lenses.

Soflens 59 contact lenses are designed to provide comfort over an extended period of time, so if you're used to long days when with other makes of contact lenses your eyes would start to feel scratchy and dirty with Soflens your eyes will still feel fresh for many hours more.