Biofinity by Coopervision, more oxygen and more moisture means healthier eyes.

Biofinity contact lenses by Coopervision contain a material called Aquaform which increases the amount of oxygen and moisture reaching your eyes, making your eyes look and feel more healthier with increased whiteness, increased contact lens comfort and increased moisture.

Biofinity contact lenses work by allowing more oxygen to pass through the contact lens and enter your eye, the Aquaform material not only increases the oxygen that reaches your eye but also increases the moisture that stays on your contact lenses, stopping your contact lenses from drying out.

Biofinity, Coopervision.

Your eyes will look brighter, more whiter and any conditions of red, sore or itchy eyes caused by dry contact lenses will vanish.

Biofinity are continuous wear lenses that last for the whole month, wear your lenses night and day and after one month replace your lenses with a new pair of Biofinity.

If you hate taking out and inserting contact lenses then you will enjoy wearing Biofinity lenses as you only need insert the lenses once a month, they truly are continuous wear lenses, wear them during the day when at school or work, where them in bed when you are sleeping, wear them all the time for one whole month.

These contact lenses by Coopervision are called Biofinity because the Aquaform material is biologically compatible with your eyes, the Aquaform material contains materials very much like cell materials found in the eye, these allow the Aquaform to attract moisture to the contact lens.

Coopervision claim that wearing Biofinity lenses are the closest thing to not wearing any lenses at all, indeed continuous wear lenses are the only insert and forget lenses available.

Biofinity lenses are sold from stock and can be purchased in as little as 3 pairs lasting 3 months or as many as 12 pairs lasting the whole year.