Blue handling tint and UV protection.

Biomedics Evolution is manufactured by Coopervision on behalf of Ocular Sciences, it's a monthly disposable contact lens with a blue handling tint and UV protection.

According to Vision Direct Biomedics Evolution is repackaged as many different contact lens products including Biomedics Evolution (8.6 bc or 8.9 b.c, 14.2 dia), Specsavers 55DW, Specsavers Easyvision Monthly, Boots Mid-Water Monthly Replacement, Dolland & Aitchison Mid Water 55UV, Contact 55 (Martin Optical), 20/20 Optical Store RS55, Conlons Mirage Monthly Disposable, Ultraflex 55 7/14, Mediflex 55 and Eye Clinic CIEL XII UV.

Biomedics Evolution.

If you have purchased any of the above contact lens products you can purchase Biomedics Evolution and still enjoy the same lenses just with greater price savings.

Biomedics Evolution has a blue handling tint or visitint which helps you see your lenses when you are inserting them but is completely invisible when your wearing your lenses.

UV protection is also included, this will safeguard your eyes against damage from UV light, just like quality sunglasses do (without the tinted lenses obviously).

With 55% water Biomedics Evolution won't tear or rip when you try to insert them, they are however very comfortable middle water content lenses.

They are monthly replacement contact lenses so just treat them as normal monthly lenses cleaning them in solution each day.

If your familiar with Coopervision but unsure about Ocular Sciences don't worry the Biomedics Evolution brand are made by Coopervision under license from Ocular Sciences so you can be sure of the same level of quality and comfort you have always received from Coopervision.