Biomedics Toric by Coopervision.

Biomedics Toric or Hydrophilic Toric contact lenses from Ocular Sciences and Coopervision for the correction of Astigmatism.

Biomedics Toric lenses are designed by Ocular Sciences and are made under license by Coopervision.

Biomedics Toric.

Biomedics Toric have a visibility tint, if you have ever lost your contact lenses when you where trying to insert them or have a lens fall out then the visibility tint would have helped you find your lenses, the lens has a slight tint, usually blue when the lens is handled and out of the eye, when you insert the lens no tint is present, and of course rather than your lenses being nearly invisible in your hands, thanks to the visibility tint now you can see them, this makes inserting the lenses so much easier.

Biomedics Toric lenses also have UV blocking technology, both UVA and UVB radiation from the sun can damage your cornea, with Biomedics lenses, the lenses block UV radiation from entering your eye, much like quality sunglasses do, although these lenses are not tinted like sunglasses and obviously these lenses are prescription contact lenses but you get the idea.

The lenses have a medium water content of 55% water, this makes the Biomedics lenses comfortable but not prone to breakage on insertion because too high water content can cause the lenses to rip or tear.

The lenses are monthly replacement lenses, each night use a contact lenses cleaning solution and after 30 days of use dispose of the old lenses and use a new Biomedics Toric lens.

Choose your prescription between -6 and +6 power and -2.25 to -0.75 cylinder with 010 to 180 axis.

Available as a box of 3 pairs of lenses that will last you 3 months and up to 12 pairs of lenses that will last you the whole year.

The more lenses you purchase in one go the lower the price as quantity discounts are available.

Toric lenses with UV protection, that has to be Biomedics Toric from Ocular Sciences and Coopervision.