Blink Contacts by AMO.

Blink Contacts by AMO are eye drops for contact lens wearers, to relieve tired, dry eyes caused by wearing contact lenses.

Just put some Blink Contacts drop into your eyes for immediate relief of sore, dry and red eyes caused by wearing your lenses.

Blink Contacts.

Blink Contacts lubricate your eyes relieving your symptoms, as AMO says 'more comfortable lens wear begins with a blink'.

Normally blinking is the way we generate a tear film over our eyes that reduces the feeling of tired eyes, but if you wear contact lenses or suffer from dry eyes blinking is not normally enough to replenish the tear film, so Blink Contacts was invented.

Blink contacts provide a smooth feel to your eye movements after you have placed a drop of blink into your eyes, you can feel your eyes glide as you move them.

You will notice that the time it takes for your eyes to become sore again will be greatly increased with blink adding to the eyes own tear film to produce a more stable, smoother tear film over your eyes.

Think of blink contacts as a protection shield for your eyes.

All the ingredients used in Blink are naturally occurring in your own eyes, so using Blink you are not adding anything foreign to your eyes which could possibly cause a reaction.

Blink is peroxide free, naturally, many other contact lens drops aren't.

86% of people who tried Blink said that their contact lens wearing experience had substantially improved after trying Blink.

With just one application of Blink, your eyes will stay feeling refreshed all day long, that's been confirmed in a study where contact lens wearers tried Blink and Refresh, and 4.7 times the number of people who chose Blink said it was better than Refresh.

When you blink and coat your eyes in a natural tear film, what you are actually doing is improving corneal integrity, protecting your cornea from scratching and foreign bodies entering the eye surface.