Boston Cleaner, Cleans and Removes Protein and Lipid Deposits.

Boston Cleaner is specifically designed to clean and remove protein and lipid (fat) deposits from all hard contact lenses.

Boston Cleaner cleans hard lenses and Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses (RGP), actually these are all different names the contact lens manufacturing industry have for exactly the same types of lenses.

Boston Cleaner, Bausch and Lomb

You need to be weary of protein or lipid build-up on your lenses as this can lead to infection or sore eyes, and it's easy to clean when you use Boston Cleaner.

Supplied in a 30ml bottle with quantity discounts available if you buy more than one bottle.

You can't use a regular contact lens cleaning solution designed for soft contact lenses on your hard contact lenses as the two cleaning solutions are completely different, hard contact lenses come under far greater attack from protein and fat deposits because they are thicker and the eyes natural response to a hard contact lens is to produce protein and lipid deposits.

Hard contact lenses are also reused for longer than soft contact lenses, this makes hard lenses require greater cleaning, just because they are used more and for longer.

Never be tempted to use a soft contact lens cleaner on hard lenses as the hard lenses will not be thoroughly cleaned, and never use a hard contact lens cleaner on soft or silicon lenses as the lenses will most likely dissolve away.

Boston Advance Cleaner removes all dirt and debris like smoke and dirt particles which accumulate on your lenses during the day.

Boston Cleaner has a visible tint so you can easily see that all the cleaner has been rinsed from the lenses before inserting them in your eyes.

Use Boston Cleaner before you condition your lenses, conditioning just means the wetting, soaking and disinfecting ritual.

If you wear fluoro silicone acrylate lenses or silicone acrylate, also known as GP contact lenses, then you can clean those as well with Boston Cleaner.