Insert your Contact Lenses easily with the Folding Contact Lens Mirror.

This cheap Folding Contact Lens Mirror helps you see your eye so you can easily insert your contact lenses, the mirror case folds shut to protect the mirror and make the case small so you can carry around in your pocket.

If your having problems inserting contact lenses or putting drops into your eyes that's because you can't actually see your eye so it's difficult to judge where the contact lens or eye drops should be placed, with this portable contact lens mirror which you can keep in your pocket, you can easily insert your lenses or your eye drops as the big mirror makes seeing your eyes and inserting easy.

Folding Contact Lens Mirror.

Don't worry about breaking the mirror when you store it in your handbag or pocket, you don't want 7 years bad luck for sitting on your mirror, this contact lens mirror is housed in a folding case that not only protects the mirror from scratches but also keeps the mirror safe from breakage.

These contact lens mirrors are very cheap, and you even get discounts for buying more than one, so buy two and put one in your pocket and one in your desk at work for all the times when even with the best intentions you have forgotten your mirror and need to insert eye drops or your contact lenses.

There's nothing worse than losing a contact lens and not being able to reinsert it because you can't see it, or maybe you don't feel comfortable asking someone to give you a hand inserting drops into your eyes, well now with the folding contact lens mirror you can insert your lenses yourself.

Don't buy a contact lens mirror that does not fold, you need the protective folding cover to keep the mirror safe from scratches in your bag when the mirror finds your keys, or putting the mirror in your back pocket and sitting down, give yourself the protection of a folding lid so if you do happen to break it then the broken glass should be contained within the folding case.