For little kids and big kids, animal contact lens cases.

Childrens Contact Lens Cases in the shape of animals including piggy, frog, hippo and balloon fish in various colours including pink, orange, blue, yellow, grey and purple.

Childrens Contact Lens Cases.

Often children find it such a chore to remember to carry a contact lens case, they want to be like their other friends who don't have to worry about contact lenses or solutions or contact lens cases, which these brightly coloured contact lens cases they will be the envy of their friends carrying these cute little characters around with them wherever they go.

In fact you will even find you have to buy these fun contact lens cases for your children's friends who don't wear contact lenses but just like how cute they look.

If your just a big kid then why not get these lens cases to brighten up you day with several different fun characters available in several colour choices you can get all the little animals and have a different coloured lens case for each day of the week.

As well as being fun these kids lens cases serve a real purpose they keep your contact lens safe, clean and away from germs and dirt, they will keep your lenses moist and ready for insertion when they are needed, it's no fun when you need to change your contact lenses but have forgotten to bring them with you, with these fun contact lens cases there's no chance of forgetting, children will want to bring them just because they are so much fun.

The contact lens cases are in the shape of your favourite animals, each individual lens case is shaped like an animal, with a pair of lens cases joined together so you can't leave one lens behind.