Focus Dailies, All Day Comfort Daily Disposable Lenses.

Tired of dealing with contact lens solutions and tablets, messing around with disinfectants and anti-protein solutions.

All that's a thing of the past with All Day Comfort, Daily Disposable contact lenses, part of the Focus Dailies range from Ciba Vision.

Focus Dailies All Day Comfort.

Start each day with a brand new pair of contact lenses and each night remove your lenses and simply throw them away, then next morning insert another brand new pair of lenses.

No more tired or sore eyes, each day feel a fresh pair of lenses in your eyes.

Your eyes won't get red and sore because each time the lens becomes old or dirty simply replace them.

Focus Dailies are cheap and you can even buy them in larger packs for extra savings on quantity orders, for example 30 lenses, or 60 lenses right up to 720 lenses per pack.