CibaSoft Visitint easy insertion in a long term lens.

CibaSoft Visitint contact lenses from Ciba Vision are a long term lens for people who don't want to be changing lenses everyday or monthly.

The advantages of a longer term lens are cost, you can purchase these lenses singly or in a pack of up to 4 lenses which will be good for two changes of contact lens.

CibaSoft Visitint.

Meaning if you purchase a pack of 4 lenses you can wear a pair of lenses then throw them away then insert the last remaining pair before having to buy a new pack.

Being long term lenses, you won't need to be buying many replacement lenses.

The lens is a Visitint, this means that it has a visible tint which you can see when you handle the contact lens, so if you drop the lens on the floor you can still find it and it's easier to see which way round the lens goes, but once the lens is inserted in your eye you cannot see the tint and anyone looking at your eyes can't see the tint either.