Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses.

Colortones by CL-Tinters are prescription coloured contact lenses available in Aqua, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Green, Grey and Light Blue.

Colortones are monthly disposable coloured contact lenses designed to completely change your eye colour even the iris pattern.

Colortones, CL-Tinters.

If you have tried Frequency Colours by Cooper Vision or Expressions Colours you may well like Colortones by CL Tinters.

The lenses are monthly replacement lenses so simply wear the lenses each day and then use a cleaning solution each night and after 30 days of use dispose of your Colortones lenses and insert a new pair.

Colortones have 55% water content so they are comfortable and yet don't have such a high water content that they will rip easily when you are handling them.

These are prescription colour contact lenses for people who need to wear contact lenses, the lenses can be supplied in powers from -6 to 0.

You can buy as little as one pair of lenses to get the cheapest option or buy up to 12 pairs of lenses that will last the whole year, the more lenses you buy in one go, the more you save as the price gets cheaper.

While the actual colour that you will see in your eyes depends on your own eye colour as dark eye colours can sometimes overpower lighter coloured lenses, Colortones are specially made to change your eye colour completely, to replace your eye colour with the colour you select, choose from aqua for a blue-green eye or dark blue for a vivid blue eye, dark brown for big chestnut eyes, green for emerald eyes, grey for a subdued effect or light blue.

Buy several pairs of different colour lenses and try out a few colours, you can have one colour for the week at work and another colour for the weekend, you don't have to wear the contact lenses everyday, just make sure that you clean them between wearing and replace after you have worn them 30 times.

Replace your eye colour with Colortones from CL-Tinters monthly replacement contact lenses.