Flat Pack Contact Lens Disinfectant Bottle.

Contact lens disinfecting solution supplied in a flat pack bottle so it's easy to store in your suitcase or bag when you're travelling.

The disinfecting solution is made by Ote Pharma and is called Optikcal Flat Pack 250ml.

Contact Lens Disinfecting Solution

This is a no rubbing formula, just use the disinfectant straight in your contact lens cleaning barrel, no need to pour disinfectant on your lenses and rub, if you have ever tried that, it's very messy and liable to stain your clothes or furniture.

As well as being easy to use the no rub formula is a multi-purpose disinfectant suitable for all hard and soft lenses requiring disinfecting.

Optikcal Flat Pack 250ml is supplied with a free lens case, so you don't even need to purchase lens cases to disinfect your lenses.

If you have ever had to pack contact lens disinfectant and other cleaning solutions for a trip you have probably noticed how bulky the bottles are, they are even too bulky for just standing on your bathroom shelf let alone travelling with them, these flat bottles are great for your desk at work, or your car glove box, bag or handbag or just anywhere where you would like to have your contact lens disinfecting and cleaning products but where fearful of the size of bringing everything.

Even if you're going away just for one night, you can't skip disinfecting your lenses as your eyes will get very sore and red, and now with Optikcal Flat Pack there's no need either, take a look at the photo to see what a convenient size the bottle is, still plenty of disinfectant, but now in a bottle that can't roll around and spill.

If you buy more than one bottle at the same time you can get generous discounts which lower the cost tremendously.