Contact Lens Insertion Helper.

Contact lens insertion devices are proving popular with people who have trouble inserting their contact lenses into their eyes.

If you're finding it difficult to handle and insert your lenses let this contact lens insertion helper do it for you.

Softsert Original, Softsert + plus.

If you feel like your contact lenses are just too big, then use the Softsert + plus contact lens inserter, the device makes the lenses oval and smaller all round, so you can easily insert the lenses between your eyelids.

Both these contact lens insertion devices remove your contact lenses for you as well.

The basic principle is that you place your contact lens on the contact lens inserter and then place your finger through the loop in the contact lens inserter or place your finger on the end of the inserter much like you would place a thimble on the end of your finger.

The contact lens inserter then guides the lens onto your eye whilst holding the lens tightly, squeezing the sides of the lens to make them as easy as possible to fit between your eyelids.

The same procedure can be applied in reverse where these contact lens inserters become contact lens removers, offering the empty contact remover up to your eye and extracting the lens with ease.

Two types of contact lens remover are available, the Softsert Original design and the Softsert + plus design, the difference is that the Softsert + plus design will squeeze the lens for people who feel their eyes are just too small for the big lenses they have to insert.

Also the handling between the Softsert Original design and the Softsert + plus design is different with the original design sitting on your finger like a thimble and the Softsert + plus design having a through hole for your finger.