Contact Lenses and Glasses In The Same Case.

Do you wear both contact lenses and glasses and find yourself carrying around contact lens cases and glasses cases, well now you only need bring one case, the combined contact lenses and glasses case it's a combination case comprising a dual case for your contact lenses and a regular case for your glasses.

The dual contact lens case sits in a cut-away just below your glasses, so you really don't have two separate cases anymore just the one case.

Both Glasses and Contact Lenses In Same Case.

Maybe you only like to wear contact lenses for short periods of time or special events or meetings or maybe you occasionally like to wear coloured contact lenses or other fun lenses, but most times revert to wearing glasses, well with this case you can carry both your glasses and your contact lenses around with you easily.

It's quite easy to lose a small contact lens case at the bottom of a bag or in a desk drawer, but much harder to lose a glasses case as they are somewhat larger, with this dual contact lens and glasses case you are doing yourself a favour as your far less likely to lose your contact lens case when they are part of the bigger glasses case.

The glasses case is a nice blue in colour and the case is made from a lightweight plastic, but not a cheap looking plastic a nice shiny blue, think mobile phone quality casing.

The dual contact lens case is white in colour.

The glasses case is hinged at one side and opens like a book.

The inside of the dual contact lens and glasses case is sponge lined so your glasses won't get scratched and will remain well protected no matter how many bags your glasses case fall in and out of, and will even be o.k. if you drop your glasses case.

The sponge lining is white on the bottom half and light blue on the top half, with the outer casing being a darker shiny blue.