Prescription Swimming Goggles by Gator Caimen.

Prescription Swimming Goggles by Gator Caimen, these swimming goggles won't fog up or mist when you swim and are perfect for people who normally wear contact lenses or glasses and would like a pair or prescription lenses in their swimming goggles that are made from their eye prescription.

The goggles have a good quality elasticated rubber strap that is worn round your head, this strap holds you're swimming goggles in place, while they are prescription swimming goggles they are also fashionable and certainly won't look out of place by the pool.

Prescription Swimming Goggles.

You can have the swimming goggle lenses made up with the same power lenses in both eyes, or different power lenses in each eye, lens powers available range from 0.00 to -8.00.

The Gator Caimen lenses have a special anti fog coating to ensure that they never mist or fog, the lenses are also UV protected so you won't have any dangerous UV radiation from the sun enter your eyes, in severe bright light, like the sun you might experience if you take your swimming goggles on holiday in the open sea you can damage your corneas with UV radiation, but not with the Gator Caimen lenses which are UV filtered.

These swimming goggle lenses are made from a stable polycarbonate lens, being plastic they won't shatter like glass or have the weight of glass, stable polycarbonate lenses don't age which can cause the lenses to mist or crack, again not a problem with Gator Caimen lenses.

You can wear swimming goggles for several reasons, the most obvious being to keep chlorine out of your eyes when at the local swimming pool where chlorine is added to the water to remove bacteria, or you can wear your swimming goggles to keep salt water out of your eyes when swimming in the sea on holiday.

You might have not considered that other reasons to wear swimming goggles are to stop UV radiation from entering your eyes, especially good on holiday in bright sunshine or on a boat where you're not actually swimming all the time but there's a good chance of your lenses becoming wet.

With prescription lenses you won't have to suffer anymore with not being able to see clearly what's going on at the pool or beach.