Affordable Lenses With Ciba Vision.

Affordable Lenses are the lenses that you change the least often, that's long term use lenses.

Daily or weekly lenses are not as affordable lenses as monthly or longer term lenses, the reason being that contact lenses are manufactured to your exact prescription and anything that has to be made specially costs more than standard items that can be turned out in very large quantities.

Affordable Lenses With Own Brand.

Now cheap lenses are a lot more affordable than they once were, with automated production lines all manner of customisations can be made automatically to the lenses design, but still the less you buy the more affordable it will be.

Weekly lenses are cheaper lenses than dailies, and monthly lenses are more affordable than weekly lenses, whilst longer term lenses that can last for the whole year are the most affordable of all.

You can decide what type of lens you consider to be the cheapest as longer term lenses will be thicker than daily lenses because long term lens must be strong enough to last the whole year whilst daily lenses only need to be strong enough to last till the end of the day, so you can see why a difference in construction will determine how cheap lenses are chosen.

Monthly, weekly and long term lenses must be cleaned at the end of each day in a contact lens cleaning solution to remove dirt and grime as well as the daily build up of protein deposits, the cost of contact lens cleaning solution must be factored into the cost of ownership of your inexpensive lenses, it may be that you just can't be bothered to clean your lenses and therefore you are willing to pay more to have a daily disposable lens.

Or it may be that you just don't like wearing the thicker lenses that come with long term inexpensive lenses and prefer the thin and comfortable weekly or monthly disposable lenses.