Bausch Lomb Lens Purevision.

Bausch Lomb Lens make a huge variety of contact lenses from continuous wear to daily, weekly and monthly lens.

Bausch Lomb lens are sold under the brand names Purevision and Soflens and available in a range of lenses for the correction of astigmatism, toric, presbyopia, bifocal, varifocal, multifocal and progressives as well as standard viewing correction.

Bausch Lomb Lens Soflens.

The Bausch Lomb lenses range includes Soflens One Day, Soflens Daily Disposable, Soflens 66, Soflens 38, Soflens Natural Colors, Soflens Multi-Focal, Soflens for Astigmatism, SofLens Toric, Soflens Daily Disposable for Astigmatism, Soflens 59, Purevision Multi-focal and Purevision.

That's quite a range of Bausch Lomb lenses products based around the Purevision and Soflens family.

As well as Bausch Lomb contact lenses products, Bausch and Lomb also manufacture contact lens cleaning solutions and vitamins (soft gels) to improve your ocular health.

The range of Bausch Lomb non lens products include Boston Cleaner, Boston Simplus, easySEPT, Hycosan, Ocuvite Lutein, Ocuvite PreserVision, Renu MPS Multi-Purpose, PreserVision Lutein Soft Gels, PreserVision Original Soft Gels, Renu Multi-purpose and Renu Special Flight Pack.

Bausch Lomb contact lenses make a coloured contact lens called Soflens Natural Colors, you get to choose from up-to 9 different coloured contact lens colours including aquamarine, blue topaz, emerald, green amazon, hazel india, jade, pacific blue, platinum and violet indigo.

You can use Soflens Natural Colors with both dark and light coloured eyes, that's quite unusual for a coloured contact lens as usually they are designed for light or dark coloured eyes, but lots of people aren't quite sure if their eyes qualify as dark or light coloured, so now with Soflens Natural Colors from Bausch Lomb, it doesn't matter, just concentrate on the colour you like and not be worrying if it's compatible with your eye type (because it is).

A valuable point to mention is that Soflens One Day a Bausch Lomb contact has been known to have stock problems, where it's hard to get, if you find you're having problems getting these Bausch Lomb contact lenses then consider Soflens daily disposable also a Bausch Lomb disposable lens as a good replacement.