Breathable Toric Lenses With Purevision Toric.

Breathable Toric Lenses are contact lenses that are made from a material that allows oxygen to flow through the lens and into the eyes.

Breathable toric lenses are needed because without a breathable material your eyes become red and sore as they are starved of oxygen, to wear lenses for an extended period of time (longer than one day), you need a contact lens made from this material.

Breathable Toric Lenses With Air Optix for Astigmatism.

Breathable torics are made from silicone hydrogel's like balafilcon which allow up to 6 times more oxygen to flow through the lens than conventional contact lenses, in fact when silicone hydrogel was invented the first continuous wear lenses where made.

Continuous wear lenses let you wear your contact lenses night and day without ever having to take the lenses out for one whole month.

The advantage of a breathable lens is that you don't have to worry about inserting or removing your lenses as many people find this difficult, you also don't have to worry about cleaning, soaking or looking after your toric lenses in any way as the breathable torics are care free.

Now that we have covered what a breathable lens is we better describe what is meant by breathable toric contact lenses, a toric lens is a lens designed for the correction of the eye condition known as astigmatism, so a breathable toric lens could also be described as a continuous wear lens or a continuous wear lens for the treatment of astigmatism.

There are two breathable toric lens on the market one made by Bausch and Lomb and the other made by Ciba Vision, both are continuous wear lenses that can be left in your eyes night and day for the entire month, that's 24 x 7 x 30.

Purevision Toric are manufactured by Bausch and Lomb, these continuous wear lenses last the whole month and won't require cleaning or even taking out of your eyes for the whole month, they are made from a breathable toric lens material called balafilcon A.

Air Optix for Astigmatism are manufactured by Ciba Vision this breathable toric lens is made from silicone hydrogel which lets 5 times more oxygen flow into your eyes than standard contact lenses.