Cheapest Contact Lenses Longer Term Lenses Offer Best Deals.

Cheapest Contact Lenses is not all about price it's about the types of lenses you want and where you choose to buy your contact lenses.

For the cheapest contact lenses consider what you like about your lenses and what you are prepared to sacrifice to get the cheapest contacts.

Cheapest contact lenses buy mailorder or online.

Daily disposable contact lenses are the most expensive lenses as each day you're throwing away a pair of lenses and inserting a new pair of lenses, yes it's definitely the most convenient but you're paying a premium for the convenience, could you just as easily use weekly disposable contact lenses which are cheaper, because you're getting 7 times the wear out of a pair of lenses, of course there is some cleaning to be done, but it's only a matter of popping your contact lenses into a barrel case and leaving them to soak.

Or maybe you could consider monthly lenses, in terms of cheap these aren't the cheapest contacts but getting pretty close, each month you will insert a new pair of lenses and each day you must clean your lenses in solution, once a week you will need to use a solution with a deposit remover, if your daily solution does not cover this.

Remember to add up the cost of the cleaning solutions, it might be that if you have a weekly disposable lens instead of a monthly you will be saving on cleaning solutions.

For the cheapest lenses by a good mile, it's got to be the longer term use lenses, these contact lenses can last for months at a time, the whole year for some makes, yes, your cleaning your lenses every day, so there's a slight loss in convenience as opposed to a daily disposable lens, but the saving in money soon adds up because you're not throwing away your lenses every day.

Whilst longer term use lenses may seem expensive, it only appears that way because you're buying the whole years lens up front in advance, whereas with a monthly lens, you only need to find sufficient funds to buy one month's lenses, and that may very well be a consideration for you when looking for the cheapest lenses.