Coloured Contacts Daily or Monthly.

Coloured Contacts are available as daily, monthly and long term coloured lenses from Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision and CL-Tinters.

With coloured contacts there's a great choice of different colours Turquoise, Brown, Amethyst, Hazel, Sapphire, Blue, Honey, Green, Gray, Sterling Grey, Brilliant Blue and Gemstone Green.t is much more healthy.

Coloured Contacts Long Term Use.

Coloured contact are sold under various brand names including Freshlook Color, Freshlook Radiance, Focus Softcolors, Freshlook ONE-DAY, Durasoft 3 Colors, Freshlook Dimensions, Images, Soflens Natural Colors, Freshlook Colorblends and Colortones.

Images are monthly coloured contact made by CL-Tinters, these coloured contact lenses use a single colour and a unique iris pattern to provide a lens with very high vision properties and no sacrifice to vision because it's coloured contact lenses.

Wear these coloured lenses for one month straight every day or as long as you soak them overnight in contact lens cleaning solution you can just wear the lenses occasionally when you fancy a change of eye colour, throw the lenses away after 30 days wear at any rate.

With monthly disposable coloured lenses your need to clean your lenses in solution every night so that in the morning they are disinfected and neutralised having removed all dirt and bacteria which might accumulate during the day.

Colortones are monthly replacement colour contacts by CL-Tinters which as well as an iris pattern also have a undertone pattern, these colour contacts are advertised as equivalent to Frequency Colours, it's a comfortable lens with 55% water so not prone to ripping or splitting if you're not confident inserting colour contact lenses.

Focus Softcolors by Ciba Vision are monthly replacement colour contact lenses available in Royal Blue, Aqua and Evergreen.

Freshlook One-Day are color lenses from Ciba Vision, as daily replacement color lenses you have the ultimate in convenience with no contact lens care required, simply remove your lenses at night and throw them away inserting a fresh new pair every day.

Freshlook One-Day colored contacts are ideal for light coloured eyes where a selection of colours are available Blue, Green, Grey and Pure Hazel.