Coloured Eye Contacts By Colorblends.

Coloured Eye Contacts change your eye colour completely or just enhance your natural eye colours.

Coloured eye contacts are available for both light and dark coloured eyes, you can buy dailies, weeklies or monthlies eye contacts.

Coloured Eye Contacts from Freshlook Color.

Freshlook Colour are coloured contacts from Ciba Vision, they are monthly replacement eye contacts available in the natural colours of blue, green, hazel, violet, grey and sapphire blue.

Now coloured contacts like Freshlook can be influenced by the colour of your own eyes underneath the lenses, if you have very dark eyes you might notice some of your own natural colour coming through so you need to buy several different colours to see which coloured eye contact lenses look best on you.

Freshlook colour are 30 day lenses, wear them 30 times, then throw them away, you don't have to wear them on consecutive days, but once you have worn them 30 times, it's time to throw them away and insert a new pair.

Colorblends are the most popular coloured eye contact lenses, made by Ciba Vision these eye contacts use 3 separate colours that are mixed together in patterns to produce a healthy looking, coloured eye contact, your eyes will look alive and bright, and your sure to be noticed and get complimentary comments.

Colorblends come in the following colours Blue, Turquoise, Brown, Amethyst, Honey, Sterling Grey, Brilliant Blue, Green, Gray, Hazel, Sapphire and Gemstone Green.

These coloured contacts have a star burst type of pattern on your pupil which makes your eyes look wide awake and healthy looking, they are 30 day lenses, so clean them after each wear, and then after you have worn them 30 times insert a new lens.

Radiance coloured contacts, again by Ciba Vision are not designed to change your eye colour but to enhance and make your eyes look more striking.

Rather than choosing colour eye contacts, you choose style of contacts like Autumn which gives eyes a bronzy look, Eden a splash of green, Moonlight a silver pattern and Sunrise a gold fleck pattern.

Radiance are also monthly replacement colour eye contacts.

Freshlook One Day are daily replacement (daily disposable) colour contacts, they are the easiest to care for colour contacts available, basically because you don't care for them, just wear them for a day and throw them away, no messy cleaning solutions, no soaking and worry about chemicals in the house.