Contact Lens Case Barrel and Ventilated.

Contact Lens Case come in all shapes and sizes quite literally, from children's lens cases in the shape of animals like elephants, hippos, bears, balloonfish, frogs and pigs to conventional barrel lens cases for soaking your lenses whilst cleaning to ventilated barrel cases needed by some cleaning solutions.

You can get a free contact lens case when you buy cleaning solutions like Disin-Sept, Neutra-Sept, Multi-Use, Renu MPS Multi-Purpose and AMO complete or you can buy contact lens storage cases for your kids that will keep your lenses wetted in a saline solution until you need to insert them.

Contact lens case elephants, bears, fish, hippos.

You're supposed to change your lens case once per month as the case needs to be sterile and free from dirt and grime.

If your kids don't like carting a lens case around with them, then buy one of the animal cases which will help keep your kids entertained as the contact lens cases are all rather fun.

Contact lens cases can also be purchased as a travel case keeping your lenses safe and protected in a rucksack on in your bag, contact lens storage cases even come with mirrors to help you insert your lenses.

Cases designed for travelling are safe for use on aircraft and come with accreditation notes that the lens cases have been approved by airlines and won't be confiscated.

You can even get combined cases and spectacle case for people who like to carry both contact lenses and glasses.

There are two main reasons you will need a contacts case, firstly to clean, disinfect and neutralise your lenses in a barrel case and second to carry around your clean lenses in a contacts case that's watertight so you can store your lenses in a saline solution.

If you're looking for a particular colour contacts lens case then the children's lens cases are available in a variety of colours from blue, pink, yellow, green, purple, red and orange.