Contact Lens Solution All In One Solutions.

Contact Lens Solution is available as two different types, there's the All In One solutions that clean, disinfect and neutralise your contact lenses all in one go and there's the multi-part contact lens solution called Peroxide solutions which require the use of neutralising tablets, solutions or discs.

Using an All In One contact lenses solution is obviously easier, no separate bottles, no measuring out of solutions, just pour the All In One solution onto your lenses and leave the contact lenses solution to soak.

Contact Lens Solution AMO Complete, Boston and Multi-use.

All In One lens solution are available from several different manufacturers under various brand names including OPTI-Free Express, OPTI-Free Replenish, Opti-Free Replenish Travel, AMO Complete, AMO Complete Travel, Boston Cleaner, Boston Simplus, Renu MPS Multi-Purpose, Renu Multi-purpose, Renu Special Flight Pack, Multi-Use with free lens case and Travel Multi-Use.

That's quite a number of different lens solution to choose from, the travel lenses solution and the flight pack are special bottles of lenses solution that you can take on board an aeroplane with you as airplane carryon, they even come with special clear zip bags to keep your contact lens case and contact cleaning solution in so that the airport authorities can see what's in the zipper bag without having to open it.

Even the travel bottles of contact cleaning solution are flat bottles and not round so you can easily pack them in your case or in your hand luggage without taking up lots of room.

There are a few different manufacturers of contact lens cleaning solution to choose from the biggest are ALCON, AMO, Bausch and Lomb and Vision Direct.

OPTI-Free Express by Alcon is an All In One contact lens cleaning solution which is a lot less work than other cleaning solution as it's a no rub solution, that's right some cleaning solution cannot remove the protein build up of protein, fat and lipids that naturally build up on all lenses, although some people's eyes may produce more protein build-up than others, this protein deposits itself on your lenses and with a good contact lens cleaner will be removed without needing you to rub the lenses with the cleaning solution, other contact lens cleaners require that you rub your lenses to get them clean, this is obviously a bit more work and not the hassle free contact lens cleaner you might be looking for.