Contact Lens Solutions All In One Solutions.

Contact Lens Solutions are available as two different types of solution, there is the All In One solution which does not need separate disinfectant, neutralisers and heaven knows what else and the Peroxide Solutions which do need disinfectants and neutralisers.

You must use contact lens solutions to clean your contact lenses because if you don't bacteria, dirt, grime, protein and fat deposits (your eyes natural reaction to contact lenses) will build up on your lenses, not cleaning your lenses could then result in eye infections, soreness and redness.

Contact Lens Solutions Peroxide Solutions.

Peroxide Solutions require separate disinfectant and neutralisers, they come in a kit with all the contact lenses solutions you need and even contact lens soaking barrels to clean your lenses in.

Peroxide contact lenses solutions are available from several manufacturers AMO, Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision and many home brand generic contact lens solution which are just as good and compatible with the more expensive brand names you might buy.

All peroxide contact lens solution have SEPT in their name, this lets you know it's a peroxide based solution, there's Oxysept, easySEPT, AOsept, DISIN-SEPT and NEUTRA-SEPT, it's quite funny really, but at least it's easy to tell that they are peroxide contact lenses solution.

Oxysept 1 Step is made by AMO and has a special lubricant contained within the solution that makes your contact lenses feel more comfortable and keeps them feeling fresh.

It's important to note that Oxysept 1 Step contact lenses solution are preservative free, as preservative in lens solutions has been deemed not safe in large quantities.

What makes Oxysept lens solutions really easy is that they contain a vitamin B12 indicator, what this means is that when you clean your contact lenses, you also need to use a neutralising solution, to neutralise the cleaner, now the colour of the cleaning solution changes colour when you add the neutralising solution, this colour change ensures you won't forget to use a neutraliser because you can visually see if you have neutralised the cleaning solution by looking at the colour.

Oxysept contact lens solution is for all soft lenses, you can get big discounts if you stock up and buy a few bottles at the same time.