Contact Lenses Direct Order Online, Delivered By Post.

Contact Lenses Direct you can order your contact lenses direct via the web and your order will be sent out the same day if your prescription is in stock (and most are), you'll generally receive your contact lenses the very next day as orders are dispatched the very same day.

Contacts direct companies not only compete on convenience, it's so much easier to select your prescription strengths online and choose the contact lenses you want, read about all the different options online than it is to visit a store and make a purchase, contacts direct also compete on price, with no physical stores only a website they are saving money as they don't need expensive shops and staff, they only need a web shop, so they lenses direct prices are cut right back to the bone.

Contact lenses direct with next day delivery.

Lenses direct companies make money on repeat orders and not always on the first sale, they hope that you will become a regular customer and buy all your contact lenses from them.

Many lenses direct websites have a reminder service where you can tell them when your current contact lenses will need replacing and they will email you to remind you to place a reorder.

Other contact direct web stores will ask that you register to become a member of the website, then the contact lens company will send you special offers by email for contact lenses you have purchased before or contact lenses you might like.

Contact direct sites will also keep your shopping basket saved on their website so you can easily go back and order the same contact lenses again and again.

Many of the contact lenses sold directly websites have excellent returns policy's, generally if you haven't opened the contact lens pack and there is a year or more left on the expiration date then you can return the contact lenses for a full refund, this becomes especially useful if you have stocked up on lenses and then been to visit your optometrist and found out your prescription has changed.

When ordering from contact lenses sold directly stores you can get the best prices if you bulk buy, then substantial discounts can be had, but remember to use your contact lenses in expiration order, using the pack that expires first, then if your prescription is changed by your optometrist you can send the contact lenses that haven't expired or been opened back for a full refund.