Contact Lenses, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Colours.

Contact Lenses have come a long way, no more do you have to suffer with the big glass pebbles of old fashioned contact lenses, now you have lenses that are so easy to insert because they are more than 60% water, that's right the lens is basically water inside a hi-tech coating.

Not only are contacts more comfortable now than they have ever been, contacts are now far more convenient with long term lenses that can last the whole year, monthly lenses that are disposed of at the end of every month and daily lenses that are replaced every day, giving you a new pair of contact lens every day.

Contact lenses silicone hydrogel, torics astigmatism and continuous wear lenses.

Not only are contact lens more comfortable and convenient than ever before but now there is more choice, you can have regular lenses, or coloured lenses or fashion lenses, if you want to change your green eyes to blue, now you can, if you're going to a party and want cats eyes, well with fashion lens now you can have cats eyes, or big eyes or white eyes or red eyes and many other combinations.

Not only have lens come along way but the cleaning solutions have come a long way too, from daily replacement eye contact lenses that require no cleaning at all because you throw them away at the end of the day to monthly and longer term lenses that must be cleaned overnight in cleaning and disinfecting solutions.

Nowadays you can use combined solutions that clean and disinfect all in one, and eye contact lenses are much easier to look after, it's not the messy job it used to be, modern lenses are cleaned in special cases or barrels that mix and clean the contact lenses while you sleep so in the morning a fresh pair of contact lenses is ready and waiting for you.

Even inserting contact lenses into your eyes is easier with increased water content and thinner lenses it's easy to insert contact lenses, and if you still have problems you can now buy contact lenses insertion helpers that hold your contact lenses for you whilst you bring the helper up towards your eye for insertion.

There's a whole range of support products for contact lenses from cases shaped like hippos and elephants for the children to keep their contact lenses in to insertion mirrors to help you see what your doing whilst you insert your contact lenses, to travel boxes that will keep your contact lenses safe whilst you fly, hike or store them in your suitcase.