Continuous Wear Contact Lenses from Ciba Vision.

Continuous Wear Contact Lenses are available from the two main contact lens manufacturers Bausch and Lomb and Ciba Vision.

Continuous wear contact lenses are supplied under several brand names Purevision, Purevision Multi-focal, Purevision Toric, Air Optix Night and Day, Focus Night and Day.

Continuous Wear Contact Lenses from Bausch and Lomb.

Purevision Multi-focal are continuous wear contact lens from Bausch and Lomb, they are designed to replace bifocal, varifocal or progressives lenses and give good eyesight for both close and distance viewing with no lines or sections for far and near, the whole lens area can be used for viewing.

Purevision Multi-focal are continuous wear lenses for the whole month, just put your lenses in and then never take them out for the full month (30 days), keeping them in both night and day, there's lots of advantages with that, they are trouble free with no cleaning or soaking of lenses required, you don't have to worry about inserting or removing your lenses, in a whole year you will only be inserting your lenses once a month, that's just 12 times a year.

With continuous wear contact lens you don't need to buy cleaning or disinfecting chemicals or indeed know anything about how to clean lenses.

Continuous wear contacts are made from a special material which allows oxygen to flow through the lens and into your eyes, without the flow of oxygen reaching your eyes, they will get red and sore.

Continuous wear contacts are permeable lenses, they have a high oxygen permeability allowing plenty of oxygen to reach your eyes and keep them healthy the whole month long.

Purevision Toric continuous wear contacts are made by Bausch and Lomb, they are designed for the treatment of astigmatism or Toric, these where the very first continuous wear contacts for astigmatism correction, astigmatism is a eye condition where the shape of the eye is not entirely spherical.

Air Optix Night and Day are also continuous contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision, two special materials are used to make these lenses have a high degree of oxygen permeability and so suited as continuous contact lenses Lotrafilcon and Siloxane, in fact up to 6 times more oxygen reaches your eyes with Air Optix Night and Day than standard lenses, so your eyes won't get red or sore the whole month long.

Focus Night and Day are continuous wear lenses from Ciba Vision, these lenses give the greatest comfort for continuous wear keeping your eyes fresh all month long, wear these lenses night and day for the whole month long, no need to take your lenses out, not even at night, great if you happen to wake up at night or find yourself running late in the morning as you don't have to bother to insert your lenses, they are already inserted.