Dailies Contact Lenses, Focus Dailies AquaComfort Plus, 'All Day Comfort', Progressives and Toric.

Dailies Contact Lenses are a family of daily replacement contact lenses known as Focus Dailies, the family includes DAILIES AquaComfort Plus, Focus Dailies 'All Day Comfort', Focus Dailies Progressives and Focus Dailies Toric.

All these dailies contact lenses are made by Ciba Vision.

Dailies contact lenses are daily replacement contact lenses from the Focus Dailies series.

DAILIES AquaComfort Plus are the most comfortable daily replacement contact lenses, AquaComfort Plus contains three lubricating agents in the contact lens which combine to give you instant comfort when you insert your lenses and a wetting agent that keeps your lenses moist all day long as well as a moisturiser that refreshes your eyes every time that you blink, giving you all day comfort at the blink of an eye.

Focus Dailies 'All Day Comfort' are also part of the Dailies contact family and are the standard daily replacement contact lenses offering the convenience of a throw away contact lens, each night just throw away your old contact lens and each morning insert a brand new pair of dailies, it's as simple as that, and with Dailies contact now cheaper, it's worth considering especially when you add up the cost of cleaning chemicals that your now saving on and the time it takes to clean.

With 69% water content, hence the name AquaComfort, these lenses are very comfortable. With 95% of Dailies contacts in stock and ready for next day delivery, you can be sure of getting your lenses quickly, easily and at the best prices.

Focus Dailies Progressives are also part of the Dailies contacts range and are designed to correct the condition known as Presbyopia, or more commonly known by the name given to the corrective lenses, bifocals.

Of course with contact lenses you can't have different lenses for near and far vision so Progressives where invented, making it possible for bifocal glasses wearers to enjoy contact lenses.

Progressives are Dailies contacts lenses meaning you throw the lenses away at the end of each day and insert a new pair in the morning, that might sound amazing to think that you can now get throwaway bifocal lenses, but it's true, with the advent of large scale production of Progressives lenses from Ciba Vision, the price of the lenses has fallen and daily lenses for Presbyopia are now possible.

Just like AquaComfort lenses Progressives contain 69% water and are extremely comfortable.

The last Dailies contacts lenses available are Focus Dailies Toric, here the lens is designed to correct the eye condition known as Astigmatism, where the eye is not 100% spherical.

Again with 69% water content in a daily replacement lens, Dailies lenses are ideal as a daily throwaway lens.