Focus Dailies Daily Disposable Contact Lenses.

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses used to be rather unique and a bit expensive, but technology has moved forward and now lots of contact lens manufacturers are making daily disposable lenses at a price that makes them a realistic alternative to weekly or continuous wear lenses.

The main leaders for daily lenses are Provis, Coopervision, Ciba Vision, Bausch and Lomb and Johnson and Johnson, they make lenses under several brand names including Daily Disposable, DAILIES, Focus Dailies, 1 Day, All Day Comfort, DAYSOFT and One Day.

1 Day Acuvue Daily Disposable Contact Lenses.

Many manufacturers have their best range of contact lenses also available in a daily lens, for example Soflens, AquaComfort, Focus Dailies, 1 Day Acuvue, Freshlook, All Day Comfort, Biomedics 1 Day and Acuvue Moist.

You can get daily disposable lenses for all types of eye correction from standard strengths to astigmatism or toric, to bifocal, multiview or progressive lenses, you can also get daily disposable coloured contact lenses.

One of the best known and most popular daily lenses is All Day Comfort part of the Focus Dailies range from Ciba Vision, you just wear the lens for the day and then at night take the lens out and throw away no mess or fuss with contact lens solutions, and then in the morning insert a new lens.

The reason Focus Dailies are also called All Day Comfort lenses is that the actual lens has very thin edges, and these thin edges make the lens much more comfortable, the lenses are also 69% water so will feel comfortable and are easy to insert unlike higher water content lenses which can often rip unless your very careful.

With all the lenses mentioned above you can get next day delivery if your lens prescription is in stock and over 90% of lens prescriptions are in stock.