Disposable Contact Lenses, Soflens, Dailies, All Day Comfort and Progressives.

Disposable Contact Lenses are divided into three categories daily disposable contact lenses, weekly disposable lenses and monthly disposable lenses.

Daily disposable contacts are the ultimate in ease of use, everyday you dispose of your old lenses and insert a fresh pair of contact lenses, there's no cleaning and no fuss, daily lenses cost a little more than a weekly disposable lens but the time savings and ease of use are paramount to owners of daily disposable contacts.

Disposable contact lenses from Bausch and Lomb, Ciba Vision, CooperVision, Johnson and Johnson.

Weekly disposable lenses have to be cleaned, but they won't require thorough cleaning with deposit removers and other such chemicals as at the end of a week you will dispose of the lenses and insert a fresh clean pair, weekly lenses are cheaper than daily lenses as basically your getting 7 times the use out of the lenses.

Monthly disposable lenses can be pretty much thought of as your standard lens, take them out each night, but them into soak and in the morning insert a fresh pair of contact lenses.

The advantage of replacement contact lenses can clearly be seen, they won't wear or start to hurt or cause your eyes to go red and sore due to dirt, protein or fat (called lipids) build-up.

With replacement contact lenses you're free to go about your life and not worry about your lenses, if you have moved from glasses to contact lenses you might be thinking that's it was so much easier with glasses wash your glasses under the tap once a day and your done, but of course you have to wear your glasses and people notice your glasses, with contact lenses no one can see your lenses, in fact you could even get a pair of colour contact lenses if you want to be noticed.

But the point is with contact lenses you're free from having to wear glasses and free from the cleaning regimes of contact lenses, it's the best of both worlds with disposable contact lenses, the ease of use of glasses and the freedom of contact lenses.