Eye Contact Lenses For All Eye Types.

Eye Contact Lenses are available in different types depending on how often you want to replace your lenses, you can replace them every day, every month or every year, cleaning your lenses every night to insert them in your eyes the next morning after cleaning.

With continuous wear eye contact lenses, there's no need to clean them as you keep wearing them for the whole month, and then at the end of the month throw the lenses away and insert a new pair.

Eye contact lenses for continuous wear, daily, monthly and long term use.

With daily contact lenses, you remove the old pair of lenses every night and throw them away then every morning insert a fresh pair of daily lenses, the advantage of this is you have brand new super fresh feeling lenses every day and no contact lenses to clean.

In terms of prices of eye lenses, longer term lenses that you can wear each day for a whole year are the cheapest, you have to factor in the cost of contact lens cleaning solutions and the fact that with longer term lenses, they cost more because effectively you are buying one lens that lasts all year, but you are buying a lens that will last all year in advance, so it costs more, and that might be a important consideration about whether longer term lenses, and the upfront expense is right for you.

Longer term lenses are normally slightly thicker than monthly or daily lenses as they have to last a long time and a great many cleaning sessions, so if you think slightly thicker lenses would be difficult for you to insert and remove or slightly thicker lenses would be uncomfortable then you can stick with the thinner monthly lenses.

If you have trouble inserting and removing your eye lenses then consider continuous wear lenses where you don't have to take the lenses out for the whole month, they cost slightly more than weekly replacement lenses but you may find the convenience is worth it.

Or consider weekly replacement eye contacts as a good choice between price and convenience.

If you find the daily cleaning, disinfecting and neutralising cycle of cleaning your eye contacts to much trouble then buy daily or continuous wear lenses to avoid the cleaning hassles.