Focus Contact Lenses Continuous Wear, Dailies, Monthly.

Focus Contact Lenses are a family of contact lenses which include Focus Night and Day, Dailies 'All Day Comfort', Dailies Progressives, Dailies Toric, Progressives, Softcolors, Toric Visitint and Focus Visitint.

These Focus contact lenses include daily replacement lenses, monthly replacement lenses, bifocal or Progressives, Toric or Astigmatism lenses.

Focus contact lenses Progressives, Toric, Bifocal and Astigmatism.

All the Focus lenses are made by Ciba Vision.

Focus Visitint are monthly Focus lenses with a visible handling tint on the lenses, this blue tint cannot be seen when the lenses are in your eyes, but when held in your hands the visible blue tint helps you see your contacts making them much easier to insert.

Focus Toric Visitint is a version of Focus contact lens like the Focus Visitint but for the correction of Astigmatism, it also has a blue visible tint and is a monthly replacement lens, these Focus contact lens are also known as Specsavers Monthly Toric.

Focus Softcolors is a coloured contact lens for lighter coloured eyes available in Royal Blue, Aqua and Evergreen, you can wear these monthly lenses each day for a month, or just wear them on separate occasions as long as you clean them between occasions and don't wear them more than 30 times.

Focus Progressives are Focus contacts lenses for people who would normally wear a bifocal lens, the progressives don't have a line on the lens, but still allow you to see near and far with just the one lens.

These Focus contacts lenses can also be bought as Specsavers Easyvision Varifocal and Boots Near and Far.

Focus Dailies Toric lenses are daily replacement lenses in the Focus contact series for the treatment of the eye condition known as Astigmatism where the eye is not spherical but toric shaped.

These are daily disposable Torics and where the first of their kind to be produced in the world.

Focus Dailies Progressives are Focus contact designed for daily wear, simply take your lenses out at night and throw them away, in the morning inserting a new pair of Focus contact lenses.