Focus Dailies Contact Lens All Day Comfort.

Focus Dailies Contact Lens is a range of 3 different contact lens that are all part of the Focus Dailies range.

What all 3 Focus Dailies contact lens have in common is that they are made by Ciba Vision and are daily replacement contact lens, what that means is that each day you insert a new pair of contact lens, you don't clean or soak the lenses, they are daily replacement, you throw them away.

Focus Dailies Contact Lens Progressives.

Focus Dailies contact lenses are the ultimate in convenience with no contact lens cleaning you don't waste time cleaning and you don't waste money on cleaning solutions.

Focus Dailies contact lenses are very thin, it's the thin lens that gives Focus Dailies it's comfort, a comfort that will last all day long.

If you order before lunchtime, your Focus Dailies contacts will be shipped the same day and you will receive them tomorrow, with over 95% of all Focus Dailies contacts prescription in stock, you will rarely have to wait for your lenses.

Focus Dailies lenses are provided in 3 different lens formats, there is standard All Day Comfort for people who just need eye correction, there's Focus Dailies Progressives for people who have the presbyopia eye condition and would normally wear a bifocal, varifocal or multifocal lens.

The third lens in the Focus Dailies lenses series is the Focus Dailies Toric a lens designed to correct the astigmatism or toric eye condition.

With Focus Dailies Progressives one lens will help you see near and far objects, the lens is not divided into halves like bifocal lenses, you have good clear near and far viewing over the entire surface of the lens.

There's no lines on the contact lens like there are with old fashioned bifocals.

The last Focus Dailies in the series is the Focus Dailies Toric lens, like all Focus Dailies lenses it's a daily replacement lens, so even if you have astigmatism or presbyopia or indeed just need vision correction, there's a Focus Dailies for you.