Focus Dailies Contact Lenses By Ciba Vision.

Focus Dailies Contact Lenses are daily replacement contact lenses, each day you insert a brand new pair of lenses and dispose of your old lenses, it's the ultimate in convenience, you don't have to clean your lenses or know anything about cleaning and disinfecting regimes and you don't have to worry about the build-up of bacteria or protein on your lenses as each day you will have a new pair of lenses.

Focus Dailies contact lenses are the most hygienic lenses, you won't ever get sore or red eyes from not cleaning your lenses or leaving your lenses in to long as your replacing your lenses every day.

Focus Dailies contact lenses are daily replacement lenses.

There are 3 Focus Dailies contact lens in the Focus Dailies family All Day Comfort, Progressives and Toric, these are all daily disposable lenses, All Day Comfort are the standard Focus Dailies contact lens we should all be using the other two Focus Dailies contacts lenses in the range are for the correction of particular eye conditions.

Focus Dailies Progressives is for the correcting of an eye condition known as Presbyopia, if you wore glasses you would be wearing bifocal or reading glasses if you had Presbyopia, the contact lens does not have a line on the lens like bifocal glasses, but does have the same effect of creating a progressive lens which acts like a bifocal, don't worry there is no line, so you won't see a bifocal line on your contact lenses.

The other contact lens in the Focus Dailies contacts lenses range is called Focus Dailies Toric and is for the treating of the eye condition called Astigmatism, this condition effects the shape of your eye and causes your eye to be ever so slightly toric, or toridal or doughnut shape as opposed to a true spherical shape of an eye that does not exhibit this condition.

All 3 contact lenses in the Focus Dailies contacts range are for daily disposable lenses, the brand name is called Focus, because they are advertised as the contact lenses with the best vision capabilities of any daily contact lens.