Focus Dailies Toric Contact Lenses by Ciba Vision.

Focus Dailies Toric Contact Lenses correct the eye condition known as astigmatism.

Ciba Vision where the first contact lens manufacturer to make a daily toric lens, cheaper production processes and computer generated lenses for prescriptions led this revolution.

Focus Dailies Toric Contact Lenses Are Daily Replacement.

The advantage of daily lenses is that they are the safest lens you can buy with no mess and no fuss, there's no danger of not cleaning your lenses and risking an eye infection because each night you are throwing your old lenses away and starting the next day with a new pair.

There's no need for cleaning chemicals or soaking your lenses with daily lenses, and that's a big advantage, not having to use chemicals at home, a danger if you have young children in the house, and even if not, can be messy if you spill the chemicals.

Focus Dailies contain 69% water, this is a mid to high water content lens, so its guaranteed to be comfortable and not such a high water content that the lens will rip whilst your trying to insert them.

For the biggest discounts buy your lenses in bulk, as the more you buy the cheaper it gets, you can buy a pack of 30 lenses or as much as 180 pairs of lenses in one go for massive savings.

Don't worry, if you buy a large quantity and your eye prescription changes whilst you still have stock at home, you can return the unopened boxes as long as they haven't expired and swap them for your new prescription.

It's this sort of peace of mind that gives you the comfort to order online, if you order the lenses from an optician, they will have to buy them in as well, and your delivery will take even longer not to mention cost more than buying direct.