Focus Dailies Toric for Astigmatism.

Focus Dailies Toric is the easy way to wear contact lenses, with this daily disposable lens, just throw the lens away after you have worn it for the day and insert a brand new Focus Dailies Toric lens straight from the packet the next morning.

Focus Dailies Torics are made by Cibavision, they where the first contact lens manufacturer to make a daily disposable lens for astigmatism.

Focus Dailies Toric for Daily Replacement.

With 69% water this Focus Dailies Torics is comfortable, but unlike some toric lenses with higher water content the Focus Toric won't tear or rip when you try to insert or remove the lens.

Focus Toric is part of the Focus Dailies series of lenses from Cibavision, Focus Dailies have a very thin edge, it's this thin lens that make Dailies Toric so comfortable.

The normal or non toric version of this lens is called the Focus Dailies, All Day Comfort, lens, it's a very popular contact lens, popular because of its ever so comfortable lens technology, it's exactly the same lens technology that has gone into making Focius Dailies Toric such a comfortable lens.

Just because your eye prescription specified toric lenses, it doesn't mean you can't have all the benefits of a daily disposable lens or a very comfortable lens, with Dailies Toric and Cibavision you can.

There are some massive discounts available on Focus Dailies, if you buy your daily disposable lenses in larger quantities then you get very generous discounts to encourage you to do so, and don't worry about your prescription changing and not needing such a large quantity of lenses anymore, you can get your money back on any unopened and unexpired packs of Focus Dailies or trade them for the prescription you do require.

If you order Toric lenses today, you will have your delivery tomorrow, as over 95% of standard toric prescriptions are already in stock and waiting to be shipped.